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10 Rovinj Photo Review
Topic: ˝ISTRA˝

The exhibition aims to promote the association, expand its membership and bring together fans of good photography.

10 Rovinj Photo Review ( 10 Smotra rovinjske fotografije)


Dear photo lovers and dear members of our Association. This year we are celebrating
the tenth anniversary of our Rovinj Photography Fair. It was launched for the purpose of promoting it
photographic art in our town of Rovinj and its surroundings. So photo-enthusiastic
through this medium they show a sense of the art and visual character of photography.
It was also launched to animate the activities of our members, as they are given the opportunity
activities and public display of his photographs in the city and beyond
for ten years a large number of members participated in their work. Some performed
regularly, so their continuous work could be monitored, and some occasionally, but everyone in the
in accordance with its capabilities. About 600-700 jury papers have been collected so far
60 authors. We now have an enviable stock of photos that we have started to use for
guest exhibitions and collaborations with associations and photo clubs.
For this Jubilee 10th Rovinj Photo Review ( 10 Smotra rovinjske fotografije), the Organizing Committee is decided that the exhibition was by invitation to the authors, not competitive.
This year's theme is "Istria". One broad topic: sea, lakes, rivers, cities,
architecture, landscapes, people, etc. So that every participant photographer can express their idea
and creativity in the area that interests him. We hope a good turnout because we want to
this tenth jubilee exhibition succeeds. Acceptance of works is until March 25, 2020,
by donating to the association's address or emailing the association. They can be sent
single photos or a collection. It will be in line with the current financial capabilities
printed commemorative printed material (catalog, poster, invitations).
We look forward to the grand opening of our Fair.

President, Batana CVU
Mladen Boljkovac



Registration (pdf)

Registration (docx)



Last day of sending / receiving photos: March 25, 2020
Viewing and selecting photos: 28 (29). 3. 2020
Opening of the exhibition: 10. "Rovinj Photo Review" - ISTRIA
At the Photo Art Gallery "Batana": 11. 4. 2020. at 19.00

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